Buying and selling on eBay has become a national pastime in the UK. In fact, many people make a living simply through buying and reselling as it is such a massive marketplace.

Even for non-professional sellers it’s a handy way to get some extra cash when getting rid of unwanted items – such as furniture or kitchen appliances for example.

It’s also a great place to pick up a bargain. Why buy new when you can get almost anything you want second hand – at a much reduced price?

There’s just one problem…

When you’re buying or selling bulky items, how can you manage the delivery and collection of your eBay items?

eBay Delivery UKThat’s when small, agile courier firms provide a much needed service. Firms like MCL can transport almost anything anywhere in the UK – and for a surprisingly affordable cost.

Even with the transportation costs added, buyers are still able to make great savings – and sellers can still be profitable. It’s vitally important for eBay Power Sellers to have a reliable delivery partner, as poor service will be reflected in your seller feedback. A reliable courier service will help protect your ratings.

Plus you’ll avoid losing sales by having the “pick up only” option which will put many people off buying. Having a reliable courier company as part of your ‘team’ helps to maximise your sales success.

If your items have a reasonable value, you are well advised to avoid cheap courier services. A small, family courier company such as MCL provides a far more reliable and accountable eBay delivery and collection service, with a much more personal touch.

We make sure fragile goods have extra protection while in the cargo area. And you can actually speak to a real person on the phone!

Our van drivers are happy to help with loading and unloading – even if it’s up a flight of stairs. You’ll really appreciate the assistance with handling, loading and unloading large and awkward goods when you need it.

So if you have bulky or heavy eBay items that need transporting within the UK, like furniture, beds, tables, sofas, wardrobes or home appliances, then here at Matthew Clark Logistics we’re happy to help.

eBay Delivery Service

Our UK-wide eBay courier service is reliable, affordable and prompt. You can call Matthew himself on 01932 450 162 to discuss your requirements – or complete the form on our homepage to get an instant quote:

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We can collect within the hour in most cases and delivery your eBay items anywhere within the UK – either same day or overnight. Our uniformed drivers are smart, professional and helpful.

P.S. Smaller items like books or DVDs only require a parcel service, so for those you’re best off with the post office.