Watching the Pride of Britain awards, I was touched to see the story of Camberley delivery driver Dee Patel who was recognised with an Outstanding Bravery award for preventing a major road accident.

Dee had loaded up his van and set off on a routine job just like any one of us in the haulage industry does every day.

But then something happened that any driver dreads.

As he was driving along the busy M25 motorway, an unconscious driver was swerving from side to side, dangerously out of control at 70 miles an hour. Dee could tell than a major accident was certain to happen.

His quick thinking and smart driving saved the day. Seeing that the female driver was slumped over the steering wheel, the only option was to try to slow down the runaway car.

Dee used his van to force her car into the central reservation, eventually grinding it to a safe halt. Dee then jumped out of his van to check on the driver ou acheter du viagra en france.

Thames Valley Police said his actions and quick thinking avoided a multi-vehicle collision with potential serious injuries.

It’s the story of an ordinary guy who did something extraordinary. As a fellow van driver, I can only hope that I would have done the same.

Dee Patel, here at MCL we salute you! Congratulations on your well deserved award.